Fire Restorations

A fire out of control in a house can quickly engulf a property – we have seen the results. The loss of the property is devastating. Thankfully, with better chimney systems and smoke alarms, such fires are less frequent, but they do still occur particularly to older period buildings and thatched roofs.

Hillside Cottage Thatch Fire

A remote hillside cottage saved by the fire brigade to reduce the extent of fire damage to the property

Thatch Fire Cottage

In the recent weeks, we were asked to look at a further tragedy for a thatch which had caught fire destroying the roof and interior

Fire Damaged House

We were contacted by Loss Adjusters (Arbiter Adjuster) to look at a property fire damaged 12 months previously

Fire Damaged Cottage

During the spring of 2016, a devastating fire engulfed a thatched cottage near Petersfield