Energy Saving

Over the next decade expect more efficient electric heating from an increasingly green grid, instead of polluting fuels such as heating oil, and LPG. Recent consultations suggest the government will look to crack down on such fuels in new buildings.

It is not difficult to see the future of energy that we currently consume. Fossil fuels will remain for generations to come, but for the vast majority, there is an urgent need to use the planets resources in a different form as renewable energy.

Natural clean energy can be provided from:

  • Solar – production of hot water or electricity
  • Oceans – wave power producing electricity
  • Rivers – hydro electricity
  • Wind – turbines producing electricity
  • Earth – extracting heat from the earth – geo thermal
  • Air – extracting heat from air – air source

We can advise which form of a renewable energy is best suited to your home or project.

However, just as important is the conservation of energy and the reduction of carbon. This can be conserved by the use of insulation throughout the home – roofs, walls, windows, doors, floor and heating systems or wherever there is a temperature change.

Properties can be retro-insulated within a remodelling project to meet the same standards as new homes, meeting or exceeding government guidelines.