Breaking Ground

Once the scheme is designed and all the permissions are granted, it is time to appoint the contractor.

You may have agreed to a design and build scheme or engaged an architect to draw up a scheme and requested a competitive bid process.

We are happy to work with either of the systems.

If the project can be contained, it may be possible for you remain within sections of the property. However, it is always preferred that there is alternative accommodation for the families during the construction phase.

Building sites are full of hazards and before any works commence, there is a rigorous process to prevent and reduce accidents from unknown dangers.

For this reason, we carry out assessments as:

  • Asbestos survey
  • Services survey – water, gas, electricity & cable
  • Oil lines and tanks
  • Overhead hazards – cables and trees
  • Underground wells and tanks
  • Ground water
  • Soft ground
  • Site traffic control
  • Lighting
  • Security

Once the site is checked and assessed for hazards, the site will be surveyed for levels and the building set out, the perimeter can be contained and preparation works can commence.

Site preparation or demolition would be the first phase of any major construction or project. This process involves clearing the land of buildings or soil, levelling the ground for building, and moving materials to and from the site. The process of site preparation is unique to each project, and as such, the necessary steps and equipment will vary. However, most of these projects make use of excavators, breakers, dumpers, grab lorries, cranes, mixers, scaffolding and the like.