A progressive company with a focus on restoration and construction

Formed in 1979, Pegasus Builders was created to provide ever greater quality in the restoration of Listed and Period properties together with Bespoke homes constructed in a classical style.

Using our extensive experience, we strive to meet new challenges for performance and quality in every project

We retain specialist teams who share a passion for conserving and enriching the architectural heritage of older properties – in particular, listed buildings. Whether we are restoring a period property or creating a bespoke new home, we can provide the skills and choice personnel to guide new clients through each project.

Featured Projects

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Refurbishment of a 5 bedroom house originally built in the 1930’s by Unsworth Architects

New Build

An unusually designed new build home cut into a hillside with Malmstone and Canadian Slates

Fire Damage

A remote hillside cottage saved by the fire brigade and returned to its original glory

High quality extensions, additions and remodelling of homes

Many enlargements to period properties within 60’s and 70’s were poorly designed and built; we provide a complete service to redesign and construct parts of the property, whether an addition or whole house remodelling with stunning interiors.

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Damp Proofing In Older Properties

Dampness in buildings is a large factor when either purchasing a new property or surviving with it


Retaining and maintaining the history & features are essential ingredients. in the journey to your new home

Breaking Ground

There may be many reasons for choosing your new property, but the character and location will be the prime elements

Start your project

Starting a major building project can be difficult. We are here to assist you and guide you throughout

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